Best Kindergarten Daycare in Dehradun


Game in early childhood is the best foundation for success in school. It develops all necessary learning skills.


Our activities will challenge and develop
your child’s creativity, imagination, thinking skills, and social skills.


Our center provides many educational activities to keep your kids engaged. They learn when playing.

A Few Words About Our Center

Best kindergarten daycare in Dehradun. At The WelWyn we offer a warm and welcoming environment, providing a home from home for all of the children in our care. Our on-going support starts from the smooth transition from home to school. Children are powerful, capable and full of potential and our image of the child will define our language, actions and choices for and with the children. Our image of the child is our reason for being. Our environment will offer a rich context to invite research and will be approached with intent and inspiration. We will create an environment around children that is beautiful, inspiring and that piques their curiosity in every encounter.

More About Us

Our center provides the following services

Learn through play

Make learning fun! We have tons of engaging and effective learning activities and printable.

Education Services

Education services is a function that utilizes child training and learning opportunities for their growth.

Toys and Games

Welcome to Toys & Games, where you can watch videos of drawing and colouring and playing with sand. How fun!

Child Care

Child care, otherwise known as day care, is the care and supervision of a child or multiple children at a time.

Love and Care

Love & care has been created to provide expert care solutions tailor made for special types of fabric.

Physical Activity

Physical activity refers to all movement including during leisure time, for transport to get to and from places, or as part of a person's work.

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Want to get more information about our learning center or would like to see it inside, feel free to schedule a tour.
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